a plug for TUHS (just sayin…)

Some days https://www.tuhs.org/ has nothing at all.
Some days https://www.tuhs.org/ is lost in tangential nonsense.
Some days, like today, Ken Thompson writes in memoriam of Joe Ossanna, and Eric Allman writes about how sendmail is so complex because it had to deal with so many obtuse addressing schemes, all the while in the limitations of 16 bit machines, and details a tribute to Ossanna’s troff: “A master work of design, and blissfully complete documentation (even if a bit obscure to the newbie).”
Just sayin…

[Update 12/7/2022: “Warren Toomey receives the 2022 USENIX Lifetime Achievement Award for founding and maintaining tuhs.org, The Unix Heritage Society, which for three decades has provided a forum for discussion of the history of Unix and a repository that collects, preserves and makes available to the public documents, bibliographies, source code, web links, and personal recollections pertinent to the evolution of this most influential of operating systems.”]

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  1. charleshsauer Says:

    Brian Kernighan interviews Ken Thompson at Vintage Computer Festival East 2019