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public display of dis-affection: Avistar patents & Microsoft

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

In my experience, most of the substance of patent litigation, and the typical outcome, negotiated settlement, is hidden from the public: attorney-client discussions are privileged, experts are cautioned to be wary of items subject to discovery, settlement negotiations and details are privileged and usually subject to confidentiality agreements.


T.120 – one barrier broken down

Friday, February 29th, 2008

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

Part of why video conferencing got sidetracked in the 1990s were the wasted, ultimately counter-productive, efforts associated with ITU-T Recommendation T.120, “Data protocols for multimedia conferencing”, an ambitious family of specifications, once seemingly essential to the industry, and now disdained.


Mainstream Videoconferencing available again

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Mainstream VideoconferencingMainstream Videoconferencing: A Developer’s Guide to Distance Multimedia, which Joe Duran and I wrote from 1994-96, has been out of print for some time. The publisher has transferred the copyright back to the authors, and we have made a PDF of a lightly edited version available under a Creative Commons license.

Older book material and supplements are available at

I was wrong about Windows, too

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

For the longest time, I’ve avoided learning about Flash. When Flash was becoming popular for animations on web sites, it was mis-used and usually annoying. And all of the Flash-based ads are usually still annoying.


More on RealVideo

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Some release of Red Hat Linux (4.1?) included RealEncoder and RealServer. Those were the basis for my first production use of RealVideo. Subsequently, after the Real/Red Hat bundling arrangement was discontinued, I bought a RealServer G2 license and used the Linux version ( for my own purposes and for Comp Carnage.