Red Arco Iris as a teenager

Red Arco Iris (en Inglés, Rainbow Network) is coming of age and has much to celebrate. From Keith and Karen Jaspers’ vision 15 years ago to today, much has been accomplished.

  • Outside of Ciudad Sandino, in Comarca: Trinidad Central, last week we celebrated the 25 millionth meal served at our feeding centers. The rate of malnutrition in the 124 communities we serve has gone down from about 50% upon our arrival to less than 25% today. [see also Aleyda Hernandez Tells Her Story]
  • Also outside of Ciudad Sandino, Housing Project Cuajachillo 2 celebrated the completion of the payoff of the (ten-year) mortgages for the houses Red Arco Iris built there. One of those celebrating was the baby girl in the center of the photo above. She is now the pre-adolescent with Keith and her baby photo, at right.

  • Health care miracles abound, e.g., Victoria walking again after a dozen years of immobility.
  • Students have progressed from our elementary schools, to sponsorship in high school, on to further education and/or to establishing businesses, such as that of the poultry entrepreneur in San Isidro, outside of Nagarote.

Of course, there is much more ahead in service, in internal adjustments as leaders step back and step up, and in partnership with those of like minds. I’m particularly intrigued by possibilities with el Porvenir and with el Samaritano.

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