[tbt] childhood amateur radio projects

6M converter

As part of redecorating our house and trying to organize my chaotic archives, I stumbled across a paper copy of The Radio Handbook (William Orr, Editor) 17th Edition dated 1967. While in junior high school I built several projects out of The Handbook, probably the 16th Edition. (This paper copy is dated 1967, so too recent. The Radio Handbook (William Orr, Editor) 15th Edition 1959 doesn’t seem to have my projects, but I haven’t obtained 16th edition PDF.)

My favorite, and most heavily used, was a 6M (50MHz) to 40M (7MHz) converter. Typical receivers only went up to 30MHz. I wasn’t good at Morse Code so I only had a “Technician’s” class license that allowed voice at 6M and above.

A Nuvistor Converter for Six Meters seems like the reference I used, but I modified in a number of regards.

It would be out of sight, but in use, at my station a few years later:
Boots on Knight Kit R100-A

(I originally had a HeathKit AR-3. I think I chose to convert to 7MHz instead of the book’s 14MHz because the AR-3 worked better at 40M. I used the KnightKit T-60 transmitter and later acquired the KnightKit R100-A that Boots is resting on.)

I also built a 40M transmitter for a science fair project, but didn’t use it much. I think I tried to build my own 6M transmitter but never got it to work. I don’t see either of those in the 15th or 17th editions.

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