Jimmie Vaughan set w/ Storm track I recorded

Ever since a teenager, I record musicians I find interesting whenever/wherever I have minimally adequate equipment. In 1970, Sandy Lockett, my mentor at the Vulcan Gas Company, gave me about 16 custom-built preamplifier circuit boards that I cobbled together into the mixer below.


Fats Domino in front of hand made mixer I built,
listening to tape I made of him at AWHQ February 28, 1971.
Photo by Burton Wilson.

I used that equipment to record Storm, Jimmie Vaughan, Doyle Bramhall Sr., Lewis Cowdrey, and Danny Galindo, second-billed to Fats that evening. One track from that evening is included in a new collection from The Last Music Company, The Jimmie Vaughan Story:

I have digitized many of the recordings I made back then, of Storm and others, at the Armadillo World Headquarters and elsewhere, and made them available to Jimmie, principals from the Armadillo, and others. I’m hoping more will appear commercially.

Pre-orders of The Jimmie Vaughan Story: Jimmie Vaughan Official Merchandise

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