Making private 1960s and 70s recordings public

Over the years, as I have digitized much of my collection of private music recordings made by me and others, I’ve given out Web access through obscure directories. Now that the Storm track is commercially available, and inquiries have increased about others, it seemed time to make some of the MP3s more readily available, and they are now at 60sN70s.

Hub City Movers Vulcan Gas Company 1970

    Left to right: Charlie Sauer, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Ike Ritter, Ed Vizard, Jerry Barnett
                        photo by Jic Clubb

Most recently this was prompted by inquiries about my 1970 band, the Hub City Movers, as part of a Facebook discussion of the primary guitarist in that band, Ike Ritter, and a Jim Franklin Vulcan Gas Company poster for Ike’s prior band, Ramon, Ramon and the 4 Daddyos.

1969 Oct10-11 RR4D

Jim Franklin (portrayed as an armadillo) poster for Ramon, Ramon and the 4 Daddyos

Some of the recordings are of substantial historical interest, but technically flawed, for example, two of Janis Joplin’s last recordings, at the July 10, 1970 “Kenneth Threadgill’s Jubilee” suffer from distortion in the microphone preamps when she sang most loudly.

19700710 Janis

Janis Joplin at KT’s Jubilee July 10, 1970

Some are very good, musically and technically, but redundant with commercial recordings, for example, Mance Lipscomb at Armadillo World Headquarters March 20, 1971 seems as good as any Mance recording I know, but redundant with his Arhoolie discs.

Shaw watching Mance

Robert Shaw watching Mance Lipscomb, photo by Burton Wilson

I’ve omitted ones from others that became commercially available. For example, I’ve long treasured a July 1963 tape from Tary Owens of Bill Monroe and Doc Watson at the Ash Grove in Los Angeles, but most of that is available on a Smithsonian disc.

Monroe Watson

Bill Monroe & Doc Watson

60sN70s doesn’t emphasize Kay Buena‘s recordings since there is a separate site for her songs.

The obscure directories still exist, including my typewritten 1983 tape inventory. Perhaps I will digitize more of those tapes if there is interest.

I’m encouraging efforts to make more of these commercially available. I’m aware of other analogous audio and video tapes and am trying to help make those available, as well.

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