[koko] keeping warm

I seem to be adding projects to my todo list faster then I’m finishing them. I can blame two of the recent additions on Anthony Bonkoski‘s writings:

The former made me start (re-)learning x86 assembly language enough to understand the compiler’s 512 bytes. The latter bemoans the lack of mathematics content in current computer science curricula and spurred me to think back to my own formal studies.

undergraduate and other booksMath was my ultimate major as an undergraduate (after several less successful endeavors), but I was anything but a diligent student. I pursued music as my priority but stayed in school in good part to maintain parental subsidy. After Anthony’s comment, it seemed I should try to find my undergraduate texts, so while it was still relatively cool in the attic Friday morning (82F according to a thermometer placed there). I retrieved several heavy boxes of books. Some were older (my father’s high school solid geometry text) and some newer (Grove’s Only the Paranoid Survive[1]). I couldn’t imagine how I got such heavy boxes up the fold down ladder, but gravity was on my side now, and I avoided serious overheating.

Also, I found three VHS tapes of interest:

At 1:46:50, Bill says “AIX is a good thing”:

I have been completing some projects, or at least reaching major milestones. Some I can’t disclose. For others it would be premature to claim victory, but I’m pleased on this past week’s successes with clarinet notes[2] at the practical upper range of four octaves, and maybe getting meaningful results from a semi-modernized version of SPECint89.

But, I can’t help myself, I keep starting other new projects, revisiting MIDI hardware and software I’ve had since 1986, recordings made then, and so much that has happened between then and now. Along with that, I still want to get back to trying long distance JackTrip

[1] HBR review at Inside Intel
[2] I can reliably reach C7 (concert Bb7) and sometimes D7 (concert C7). I’ve long been inspired by Lucia Micarelli’s brief rendition of “La Vie en rose” (as Annie, Tremé, S1 E3 13:40). On the violin, Lucia/Annie ends on concert D7, so I have to reach clarinet E7 to mimic what she does. However, Piaf’s original recording is in concert Ab, reaching up to concert C when she sings “Il me l’a dit, l’a juré pour la vie” so achieving consistency with clarinet D7 (C7) is an interim goal. (“The only thing I knew how to do Was to keep on keepin’ on like a bird that flew”)

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